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It takes a village…..

People say that. They say that about many different things. But today, the 763 team sees it with their own eyes.

Our village starts the day with Dr. Akbar Nawab leading us in devotional. He speaks of humility and kindness. He tells us that one definition of humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.

Our village spends the third surgery day at Obras practicing humility and thinking of others first. Eric and Joe (Zimmer Engineers) work to make sure all the ORs have the implants and guidance they need. Kevin (Physical Therapy) spends the day working with all of the surgery patients postoperatively. Steve and Magdy (Anesthesia) care for the patients and check in with Anesthesia providers from Obras.

Our teams worked together today as a village to care for one another and the patients.

In one room, a patient needed a skin graft to close the defect in his arm. A nurse, a surgical technologist, and an additional doctor-assisted. In another room, a hip refused to reduce. At one point, all four surgeons from the 763 team were in that room working together.

Not one person thought more of themselves than someone else today. Akbar’s lesson in humility was not lost on us today.

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