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Mission Accomplished.

The 763 team has finished the last surgery for this mission. It was undoubtedly a challenging case, and half the team stayed late at Obras to finish. We appreciate the staff at Obras working with us and staying late to care for the patient. This week gave us a lot of complex orthopedic cases, from hands and arms to hips and knees. Only a few cases here are straightforward. Many of the patients have had injuries from which they have been suffering for years.

We set out this week to surgically help a few people in Guatemala. We set out to improve their pain, independence, and quality of life. We absolutely did that. But while doing that, we also got a lot in return. We spent the week with incredible people from the 763 team, Obras, Faith in Practice, and Guatemala.  We learned humility and kindness. We learned how to be grateful. We were blessed and prayed for and serenaded.

We were completing our mission while another mission worked on us. If that mission was to help us remember why we chose this path in surgery or to remind us of what’s really important, or show us that we can make a difference or that the need for our help is great; well………..Mission Accomplished.

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