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Today was day 3 of surgeries; once again, it ran very well. Following a wonderful breakfast and devotional, our team headed to the hospital to begin another full day of surgeries. All of the surgeons had a full day planned and worked nonstop throughout the day to complete as many procedures and surgeries as possible. Alongside them, translators, nurses, and team members worked tirelessly to coordinate patient care. The plastic and oculoplastic teams set up today as a “pediatrics” day, filling their schedule with surgeries for children and teenagers. It is very meaningful to see how these young patients can receive treatment that can drastically alter the course of their lives. One particular case which stood out was that of a young girl who had been seeing Dr. Boutros for multiple years now. Every year, Dr. Boutros continues to operate on this patient as her reconstruction nears completion. Having Faith in Practice return every year to Antigua has provided many individuals with access to reliable and excellent longitudinal medical care that they would not have otherwise received. The same can be said of all other surgical teams, which completed another 14 surgeries today!
In speaking to some patients today, I learned how far some of them have to travel to receive their care. The patients come from all across Guatemala to receive their surgeries. That Faith in Practice can coordinate such an extensive network is thanks to the organization and service of their local team members. It is wonderful to see the level of faith, service, and care that the whole team provides day after day!

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