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One great joy of Guatemala with Faith in Practice is starting each day with a wonderful breakfast and time with the Lord. Dr. Boutros led an impactful devotional about the word “holy,” and how this pertains to Christianity and what sets us apart from non-Christians. After breakfast, praise and worship, and devotion, we journeyed to Obras, where each operating room held many diverse cases including Dr. Amukele performing several TURP procedures, Dr. Longo carrying out an excision of an eyelid tumor with a tenzel flap, Dr. Weiner executing many laparoscopic cholecystectomies, and Dr. Boutros accomplishing resection of Luis’s large ameloblastoma and reconstructing the jaw with a free fibula flap. The team performed a total of fifteen surgeries today, and all patients are doing well. These patients’ quality of life will be drastically improved after this transformative and successful day. The team would love to thank everyone for their constant prayers and support, and we are beyond grateful and excited for the rest of this week.
-Macy McAfee

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