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Our fourth and final day of surgeries was packed full of opportunities for us to help the people of Guatemala. Prior to the eventful day, the team took a moment to be still. Our wonderful team leader, Dr. Boutros, led a devotional questioning “Do we need God?” This seemingly simple question proved to be deeper than it originally appeared. Following this, we reflected on seeking joy through Christ and envying the joy of those having so little, yet being so content. These radiant spirits can be seen in our patients throughout the week. Today, Dr. Amukele performed two hydrocelectomies and one epididymal cyst excision. Dr. Longo completed three excisions of lid tumors. Dr. Wiener executed two herniaplasties and three laparoscopic cholecystectomies. Lastly, Dr. Boutros accomplished an ear reconstruction for microtia, an excision of a large nevus sebaceous, a cleft palate revision with pharyngeal flap, and a facial sling with palmaris tendon graft. Witnessing such diverse cases that heal the injured and weak in many different ways provides such a unique perspective. Being a high school student, these experiences show me what is possible and challenge me to examine the path that I might take in my future. The sheer love and care that this team exhibits for their patients and each other speaks to what calls each of us to Guatemala. Not to be in the beautiful town, not to eat wonderful food, and not even to have fun. These things thankfully are benefits, but not the reason we are here. We are here to reach the unreached and touch the untouched. I would personally love to thank each member of this team for the hard work everyone has put in this week. We finished the day with a well-deserved celebration dinner at Casa Santo Domingo!

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