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Let the operations begin! Most of todays surgeries will be hysterectomies, a basic procedure that thousands of women are readily provided in the US yearly while many women here have been waiting for years with severe complications. Before we begin, part of the team met with the patients to pray with them before surgery. Despite the language barrier, it is easy to feel the love and hope they have. Our wonderful translators are constantly relaying patient gratitude. Without them, this mission would be nearly impossible. Thank you to Marissa, Olivia, Stephany, Emily, Fito and Andres for providing this pathway of clear communication and trust between our doctors and patients!

Many of these women we are treating have never been in a hospital setting. I can only imagine how scary and confusing it must be, yet I have witnessed such bravery and strength within each woman I’ve met. Our doctors and nurses have been exceptional at providing comfort to our patients; emphasizing on human touch. Simply by introducing themselves and holding their hands you can see relief run through them.

There is a clear need for this work here in Reu, and I have faith that the women we treat this week will be able to recover quickly and begin to live their lives comfortably.


Andrea Freeman

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