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During our morning devotional Dr. Gordon shared that daily dialogue with God is essential and impactful for guidance. We must always remember that we have a direct line of contact with Him and should utilize this to its fullest extent!

We began the day at the hospital by speaking to the patients in recovery. Dr. Seligman was able to meet with Zoila, his large case that I mentioned in yesterdays blog. Both shown in the photos above. This is what Dr. Seligman shared with the team regarding her procedure and recovery;

“This patient presented with a large prolapse that she has been living with for years. In my 40 years of practice this is probably the biggest prolapse I have operated on. Her surgery was quite extensive but we were able to obtain a great surgical result. On the first postoperative day the patient was pain-free, she had great bladder function and was discharged home about 24 hours after surgery happy and content”.

All of our patients have had great success after their surgeries and are eager to go home. With over twenty surgeries finished without complication, our job here is almost complete! Our last day of surgeries is tomorrow and there are only six. I have high hopes that these women will recover quickly and begin their lives again.

Andrea Freeman

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